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Research Data Management: Data Management @ Hull

Research Data Management at the University of Hull video

DMP Online Template

Having a data management plan (DMP) is integral to the research process. Many funders require a data management plan, but even if they do not, it is good practice to create a plan.

The University of Hull has created an online data management plan on the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) website at

To access:

  • Sign in and create a new plan
  • Do not choose a funder
  • Choose the University of Hull generic template

The template features 9 sections that take you through the research lifecycle and includes contextualised guidance for the completion of the questions.

A template plan is also available to download in word form in the box below.


Not sharing data

The following reasons are considered valid when making statements about why data is not being shared.  These reasons are made available to clarify the need to make such a statement in keeping with EPSRC research data expectation 6.

Where access to the data is restricted the published metadata should also give the reason and summarise the conditions which must be satisfied for access to be granted. For example ‘commercially confidential’ data, in which a business organisation has a legitimate interest, might be made available to others subject to a suitable legally enforceable non-disclosure agreement.



Possible conditions for access

 Commercially confident

  1. Non-disclosure agreement
  2. Through agreement with the commercial owner

 Legal restriction (e.g., patent pending)

  1. Legal agreement providing the ability to share as an addendum to any previous legal arrangement
  2. Agreeing a date after which the data will be free of legal restriction and made available

 Security-sensitive material

  1. Non-disclosure agreement
  2. Cleaned version of the data

 Privileged use to support publication (as outlined in the RCUK common principles on data)

  1. Set embargo period beyond which data is made available
  2. Restricted view for peer review to support publication

Managing research data video

An introductory video from the UK's Digital Curation Centre on managing research data  and the services it offers to support this.  

Bad data guide

When re-using data in your research you will need to feel confident in the dataset you are analysing. The Quartz guide to bad data provides you with examples of things to be wary of in the data you use and what is the best way to resolve the issues you identify, either via your source, by yourself, through a third-party expert or a programmer.


If you are working with sensitive data, you may need to encrypt that data, particularly if you are transporting the data, or sharing with others. ICT services provide guidance on encryption services at the link below:

DCC guidance on licensing