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Research Data Management: RDM Funding

Funding research data management

Effective RDM requires appropriate resourcing in the areas below. These considerations should be factored in to research proposals and funding bids.

  • Storage of data during the research - This cost can be assessed through estimating the amount of data that will be generated by the research.  It is also useful to consider what level of back-up is required and include a cost to cover this.
  • Storage of data beyond the lifetime of the project - The funder may be open to also including a cost of maintaining the data beyond the project so it can be shared or re-used for further research.  Specifying a timeframe for long-term storage will be helpful in identifying the funding required.
  • Publication of the data - Where there is the intention of publishing the data, for example through a data journal, the cost of this process should be included.
  • Citation of the data - To support the creation of a citable identifier for the data there may be a small charge.  Creating such an identifier will assist with raising the profile of the data.

Well funded and effective RDM will greatly facilitate future management of the data, and prevent data loss or the need to regenerate the data through lack of the ability to properly store and/or identify the data in the future. 

Research Funder Requirements

UKRI Seven Common Principles on Data Policy: an overarching framework for individual research councils' policies, plus guidance documentation.

A directory of Funders' Data Policies is maintained by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) for UK universities and research institutions. 



Other funders:

Defra's Open Data Strategy (2013) "is committed to transparency and will work on the basis that open data is the default position". Funded projects are required to make data discoverable via

Researchers are required to provide a statement on how underlying research materials, such as data, samples or models, can be accessed. The policy does not require that the data must be made open.

See the NIHR Open Access Policy for details.

The British Academy expects digital resources created as a result of research to be deposited in a suitable repository. Compliance is monitored through the End of Grant report.