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Reading List Support Material: Ordering items

Updated guide!

The bookmarklet tool

To add items to your reading list you will need to have bookmarklet tool installed. See the Getting Started page for instructions on how to do this and how to get permissions for editing your lists.

Ordering teaching materials

Always start by checking the Library search

If we don't already stock the title:

  1. Go to* search for the item you wish to order and click on the title to display the full details
  2. Click  Image of the Add to readinglists@hull button from your favourites toolbar or the browser plugin
  3. Click on   Image of the Create and add to list button
  4. Select the list you wish to add the order to and choose the appropriate section of the list
  5. Select an Importance level and add a Library notePlease order 
  6. Go to the reading list you have placed the order on
  7. Click on Request review**, verify student numbers then click Request review again
  8. Click on Publish once you have finished making all changes 

*Amazon is used as an example but any publisher's website can be used - we use our own book suppliers to place the order

**If you don't see the Image of the request review button button please email  to let us know you have added an order

Remember to assign a level of importance: Essential, Recommended, or Background. See the Reading List Policy for further details.

Ordering teaching materials - Video tutorial

Useful tip!

If you don't see the bookmark you've created when you go into your reading list, click on the refresh button from your browser Image of the refresh button