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Open Access: Open Access FAQs


Last Updated 27/07/2016

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A. The author is responsible for uploading the papers to the repository.

A. Re: co-authors, all authors are asked to upload so that it becomes a routine practice for all rather than having to decide who uploads and who doesn't – repository staff will deal with duplicates at the repository end.

A. HEFCE asks that co-authors get hold of the acceptance email/final author’s version from lead authors to support policy compliance, although there is a recognised exception to the policy if there is real difficulty with acquiring these.

A. If a paper has been paid for under Gold open access, then we are usually allowed to use this version within Worktribe instead of the final author's version. However, we can only add this to the repository once the paper has been published and need to add papers as soon as possible to comply with the HEFCE policy. Please send the final author's version by default, in either Word or PDF format for preference, and this can be updated at a later date.

A. Worktribe features certain mandatory fields that need to be completed prior to submission. This will include: authors, title, journal, acceptance date. At the point of acceptance the additional publication details are usually not yet known, and these will be added once the paper is published.

A. The version added to Worktribe should be as near word for word to the published version as possible, hence the request is for the final author’s version. It is acknowledged, though, that there may be occasional changes as part of preparing to print: these can also be made to the version in Worktribe if substantive. However, links to the published article will always be added to Worktribe and it is accepted as part of open access that the final version is to aid dissemination, whilst the published version is still the version of record. Hence, minor differences are generally accepted.

A. It is possible to convert PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat software if this is available. There are also a number of free online tools that can be used.

A. Social media sites like ResearchGate and can be used as viable Green Open Access routes, so long as the author's final version is used and not the published version. Likewise, you have to be sure that any embargo period has ended before using such sites as they have no way of temporarily hiding anything. It is this latter point that many publishers mostly object to. Worktribe will always hold the author's final version under restriction until the embargo is over.

A. For the purposes of HEFCE policy compliance the article must be deposited in Worktribe, even if another repository is also used as well. This is to enable HEFCE to harvest relevant information from the repository as required.

A. The author's final version is normally the version which has been the peer review process and has been amended accordingly, and is submitted to the journal for copy-editing. If in doubt, check with the journal as to which version they will allow to be self-archived. The journal may automatically send you the version of your article which may be deposited in Worktribe on open access. This version is intended for improved dissemination and it is expected that authors who quote your article will use the published version.

A. Some publishers wish to ensure exclusive access to a particular article and therefore set a time period during which the full text of the article cannot be displayed in any other places. This will vary from journal to journal so you may need to check what, if any, embargo period a journal applies.

A. At the moment book chapters do not need to be deposited in institutional repositories to meet with the HEFCE mandate for REF submission. However, the University is keen to gather together all research outputs and book chapters will be added to Worktribe as possible. Green open access policies are not as developed for books so you will need to contact your publisher prior to submitting to find out if they will allow archiving.

A. The University requires all articles to be submitted to Worktribe, including gold open access articles.