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Medicine (HYMS): New Students

Welcome. These pages bring together key resources for HYMS. Use the tabs below to find books, ebooks, articles, journal titles and other resources.


Welcome to HYMS and to the HYMS Library service.

As a member of HYMS you have access to the library collections of two universities: the University of York and the University of Hull. HYMS Library provides central links to Library guides, information on services and facilities, and connections to the Library catalogues, e-journals, databases and other subject resources relevant to HYMS.

In the following four pages we aim to ensure that you know how to find resources available to you, know how to access key resources, and understand basic database searching.

If you need any help at any time please ask a member of library staff or contact


1. Where is 'HYMS Library'?

HYMS does not have its own, separate library. Instead, it is a member of the two University Libraries, allowing you, as a member of HYMS, to access the resources, services and collections of both of these institutions.

There is lots of information online regarding the two university libraries. Take a look at some of the online induction material for your home university library:

The Brynmor Jones Library at Hull has a dedicated induction page for new students.

The Morrell library at York has an induction guide at and information on using their library catalogue at and

2. Accessing resources: your different logins

You will be given login details as part of your induction. These are your gateway into electronic resources at Hull and York - you need to keep details for BOTH sites safe so you can access materials from both sites.

Student card

To access the full selection of library resources available to you as a member of HYMS you must have and use both your Hull and York accounts, irrespective of where you are based.

You may also be entitled to an NHS Athens account. Link to registration process here.

See our eResource Access Information for more information about the different logins you are entitled to as a member of HYMS and how to get password reminders if needed.

3. Know how to access the HYMS library webpages

Bookmark the Welcome page for our website so you have simple one-click access to all the information you'll need regarding access and using library resources during your time at HYMS.

4. Try out the cross-search

Many of the titles on HYMS reading lists are available to you as eBooks, meaning you will be able to access them from any internet enabled device.


HYMS Library has an eBook cross-search facility, HYENA,  allowing you to search both Hull and York library catalogues for eBooks at the same time.

There is also an eJournal cross-search facility on HYENA.

Remember you will need your login details for both sites to access all the eResources available to you.

Don't forget to enable pop ups when you use the cross-search; this will enable pages to open for both university libraries.

5. Do you need to buy books for your course?

Are you thinking about what books you need to purchase for your course?

Here are a few things to think about before you do:

  • Check the HYENA eBook cross-search facility to see if you can access the book electronically
  • Check the library catalogues to see which titles they hold
  • Don't rush into purchasing: wait until you have started at HYMS to see which texts you find most useful
  • As a rule, buy the latest edition or check the current validity of older editions
  • Use the HYMS Read-cycle area to view texts for sale from other HYMS students (HYMS login needed)
  • Check if there are any 'online extras' which are of use to you when buying a personal copy
  • If buying a text with lots of illustrations as an ebook make sure that they are presented fully (e.g. in colour)
  • See what others think of the text: check reviews and comments in Read-cycle, the HYMS 'Unofficial Freshers Guide', or on bookshop and publisher websites
  • If you do decide to buy, see the Want to buy books? section on the right of this page

N.B. Libraries will not normally hold flash cards or colouring books


6. Keep in touch

You can sign up to receive email alerts from our blog, which will tell you about events happening at the two universities, new services we're offering and what we've been buying for you.

To sign up, visit our blog where you can enter the email address you want the emails to go to and click submit. You will receive an activation email and once you've followed the link in that, you will start receiving all that lovely news!

You can also follow us on Twitter.

7. Now get a head start

Click on the arrow and have a go at the induction exercises to help you find books and more in the university libraries.