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Digital Archiving and the City of Culture: Home

A summary and sign-up form to join a Canvas course on digital archiving and the development of the City of Culture digital archive.

About the course

This course on Digital Archiving and the City of Culture will provide an introduction to the development and use of a digital archive built for the City of Culture 2017, and how the technical solution built for this might be used for other digital collections.  Colleagues are invited to explore through the course how they manage and archive digital materials they use, and learn about how existing digital collections, and specifically the 2017 digital archive, can be used within teaching and research

Participation in the course will only take you less than an hour a day. You can do this anytime in the day - so it is completely flexible to your workload of the day. The course is delivered online through Canvas so you can take part wherever you are. You just need access to the internet. 

The course will take place in week beginning 13th July and 17th August (please select your preference when registering) - as a follow-up activity to the Digital Teacher course.  It will be repeated at later dates according to demand.

Course outline

The final program for the Digital Archiving and the City of Culture course is as follows, listed with anticipated participation dates:

Day Activity
Friday - Sunday Welcome to the course
The course site opens with an introductory video presentation and a chance to introduce yourself and your interests ahead of the course starting 
Monday Using the City of Culture Digital Archive [core activity]
Looking at the make-up of the City of Culture Digital Archive and exploring how it could be used within teaching and research
Tuesday  Digital Archiving infrastructure [core activity]
Looking in more detail at the digital archive infrastructure that has been developed, and exploring how this can be of value for other digital collections as well as within teaching and research

Conclusions and follow-on actions identified will be compiled from the two days and shared via the course site to inform what next steps would be most helpful.


Register your interest: