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Archives: Info for Teaching and Academic Staff

Information relating to locating archive material held in Hull and the UK

Support for Learning and Teaching

Part of the role of Hull University Archives (HUA) is to offer practical support for learning and teaching. Sessions can be requested by any module or course tutor, and can be incorporated into teaching slots within taught modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Sessions are delivered at Hull History Centre (HHC) which allows students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the building and its facilities. However, arrangements can be made for sessions to be delivered on campus if timetable requirements necessitate this.

HUA staff offer workshop sessions which provide students with the following: an introduction to archival concepts and relevant HHC resources for a particular subject area; an introduction to finding strategies for locating relevant archival material; and an introduction to the skills required for working with archival material.

HUA staff also provide shorter taster sessions on the following: introduction to HHC resources available for a particular subject area; introduction to the possibility of using archives as a starting point for creative activities. 

A more detailed outline of the sessions available can be found in a brochure produced by HUA 'Hull University Archives... a unique learning and research opportunity'. This brochure can be requested be emailing and marking the email 'FOA Hull University Archives Staff'.

Work with Hull University Archives

Hull University Archives staff are always looking for ways to engage with teaching and academic staff. In addition to our learning and teaching offer, we are looking to develop ideas for an ongoing archives project in conjunction with course developers.

We envisage a long running transcription project working with wills from our collections. The project would be able to accommodate a limited number of students each year, who would each be given skills training in paleography and transcription. 

We would like to trial such a project in summer 2018 and are looking for interested tutors to work with. For further information please contact HUA staff at, marking your email 'FAO HUA Staff re Trial Student Project Summer 2018'. Alternatively, you can speak to someone by calling 01482 317500 and requesting a member of HUA staff.