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Finding books & journals: Accessing resources off-campus


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As many of the library's resources are online, you can access them off-campus. To do this you will need to log in using your university credentials. Most of the resources use a system called Shibboleth but a few need alternative details as shown below.

Accessing resources off-campus using Shibboleth

Access to the majority of our electronic resources (eBooks, journal articles etc) is controlled by a system called Shibboleth. This is a national system which enables access to web-based resources for the academic community. Often you are using this system without being aware of it (for example when you are on-campus) but if you are off-campus, or using a mobile device, you will often need to select it specifically and enter a username and password.

Username and password

You do not need an additional username and password to access resources via Shibboleth. Your standard university username and password will give you access.

Links to log in using Shibboleth

Although many different e-resources use Shibboleth, the links you need to click on to use it can have a variety of different names. When accessing a resource, look out for one of the following links (or variants of them):

  • Anything with the word 'Shibboleth' in it.
  • Institutional login or library login
  • UK Access Management Federation

You will usually be asked to select your institution from a dropdown menu (sometimes choosing UK Access first).

  • Select University of Hull - you will then be automatically re-directed to the University of Hull Central Authentication Service screen.
  • Enter your University User ID and password and you will then be re-directed back to the resource and be logged in for use.

Please always remember to logout from e-resources when you have stopped using them. Once logged into one service/resource using the University of Hull Central Authentication Service, you should not need to enter your University User ID and password again when accessing other Shibboleth resources within the same web session.

Non-Shibboleth passwords

Some specialist resources do not use Shibboleth for access. For these, access is controlled by a generic username and password (everyone uses the same one).

A list of the electronic resources this applies to, and their usernames and passwords, can be found on the Library Services SharePoint page. Download the "Passwords for electronic resources not authenticated via Shibboleth" excel sheet. 

Alternatively ask at the Library Welcome Desk or email