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Subject LibGuides

Systematic Reviews: Where to search

Where to search?

Once you know what you are searching for and how you will search for it, you need to identify the channels you can use to search. Google may be very tempting but we have a number of more focused tools that you can use to search in far more sophisticated ways.

The benefit of using other tools is that you can apply the synonyms, boolean logic, truncation, wildcards and limiters that you identified as useful when building your search strategy.

Subject LibGuides

There is a subject LibGuide for each of the major areas taught by the University of Hull. These can be found at by following the link below. On the Articles & Journals tab of each guide you will find links to subject-specific bibliographic databases, as well as multidisciplinary databases.

Image of the subject libguide page

Multidisciplinary databases

The resources below will all provide the citations (bibliographic information) for relevant journal articles and in some cases may also provide a link to the article itself.

Grey Literature

Examples of grey literature include technical or research reports, doctoral dissertations, some conference papers, some official publications, and other types of grey literature.

These can be searched for using the links below.

Open Grey

Theses and Dissertations


Academic repositories collect images, dissertations, teaching materials, datasets, exam papers, research, theses etc.