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ReadingLists@Hull Project: Welcome


95% of Level 4 and Level 5 (1st and 2nd year) reading lists have been added to the ReadingLists@Hull website to date. Level 6 & 7 lists are currently being added to the website.

Academic colleagues with further lists to add may submit their lists via email to or send a paper copy to the appropriate campus library as soon as possible. It would be helpful if the module name, number and academic owner were clear and the envelopes were marked "Reading lists".

We are also offering training to those academics who would like to add or amend their own lists. For session details or for online self-help guidance please see the Support for Academics tab.

Message from the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Professor Glenn Burgess, PVC (Learning & Teaching) sees the project as an essential step towards all reading lists being integrated into a digital learning environment, providing


a single, easily accessible access point for all: guiding our students to the resources specifically chosen to support their learning. It is expected that by 2014 all modules will present reading lists in this way as part of our offer to students, and as a key way of tracking a persistent concern that students raise through the NSS and elsewhere.”

Your Feedback

Please send any feedback on your experience of using the reading lists to

Definitions of levels of reading recommendation as used in ReadingLists@Hull

Suggested for student purchase

Students will need to refer to this resource throughout the module and possibly subsequent modules, and may therefore find it useful to own a copy. In selecting which resources are recommended for purchase tutors should be mindful of the cost to the student. Items suggested for student purchase will be provided by the Library.



These resources are key to the module. Students need to use them to support their understanding of the topics and themes covered by the module. It is recommended that tutors with large student cohorts identify a number of different essential resources which provide equivalent reading in order to distribute demand on those resources. Further guidance notes should make that intent clear to students. Essential resources will also be provided by the Library.



These are supplementary resources which expand on the topics and themes found in the “Suggested for purchase” or “Essential” reading material. Recommended resources will also be provided by the Library.



Students with a desire to research the topic more fully may wish to consult these resources but will not need to do so to pass the module. These resources will normally be provided by the Library. In some cases students may need to approach their department for guidance on how to obtain access through other routes.

Reading List of the Month

Reading List of the Month

RLOTM is on it's summer holiday will return in September!

May: This month's list is 16338 - Food, Space and Society. This is a really detailed list which makes use of online resources and the notes feature which allows the lecturer to provide further detail. It is also one of the first level 6 lists to be added to the system. If you would like to find about more about the reading list project just email us at

April: This month's list is 20407 - Pre-Raphaelites. This is a very well structured list which makes use of a wide range of resources including web sites, journal articles and eBooks.

March: This month's list is 14081 - The Courtly and the Godly. This is a list created by an academic and made entirely of electronic items providing a direct link to the set texts. The tutor uses the links as an alternative to students purchasing key readings.

Description of project