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Philosophy: News & Media

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Box of Broadcasts

The iPlayer for education

You can record and view TV and radio online from over 65 free-to-air channels in the UK, including an extensive archive. BoB includes searchable programme transcripts and subtitles. 

BoB is available to staff, students and researchers at member universities and colleges across the UK. It is not available to walk-in users, partners, or members of the University who are based overseas.


These resources provide access to television news and current affairs broadcasts: ideal for seeing how major events were reported at the time.

Multimedia Resources

There are lots of really interesting and unusual types of material out there for you to use in your presentations and assignments. Work through this short tutorial to find out more about finding:

      TV clips
      Social Media
      Copyright free photos

CC "yet another shot of the old tv in chinook motel" by gothopotam (

Audio-Visual Resources for Philosophy

Current UK Newspapers

Search tip: limit your search by date to reduce the number of results.

Newspaper Archives

The newspaper archive links below provide access to digital copies of the whole newspaper (including pictures and adverts), covering the major events of the 20th Century.