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Marketing: Subject Resources

Subject resources

The Library Catalogue has a full list of HUBS-related resources. Below are a selection that may be particularly useful for
your academic studies. 

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Faculty Funded Databases

How to access DATASTREAM Terminal:

Derwent CS1 computer lab

How to access BLOOMBERG Terminal:

ESK link CS3 computer lab; Derwent CS1 computer lab; Derwent first and ground floor PhD computer labs


Register at:

  • Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon provides a wide variety of market data, allowing users to analyze financial markets. It offers a central search box and web-style navigation. Eikon brings geospatial functi

How to access Thomson Reuters EIKON:

Derwent CS1 computer lab only.

Past Exam Papers

Past exam papers are accessible through the Hydra digital repository.  To get access you need to log into the repository.  Two options are available:

  • Go to, click on Sign in in the top bar and enter your campus username and login. There is a link to Examination papers under 'Collections'. 

Finding People

Consulting detective with pipe and magnifying glass

Looking for biographical data?  Rather than trusting to Google or Wikipedia, try the resources below for accurate, bias free information.

 Is the person you are looking for alive or dead?   Try Who's Who and Film Index International for current lives. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, American National Biography and Who Was Who for past lives.

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