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eBooks: EBL eBooks

EBL eBooks

Any individual eBook we buy are housed on 'platform' websites. eBook Library (EBL) is one such platform. This page explains how to use eBooks on EBL.

Most EBL eBooks can be used by more than one person at a time.

EBL side panel

Logging in

You will need your Shibboleth username and password to log in to EBL (your Shibboleth username is your usual user ID).

EBL control panel

Downloading EBL eBooks

To download an EBL eBook you first need to install some third-party software: Adobe Digital Editions on a PC; Bluefire Reader on iOS, Android or Kindle Fire. Links to the appropriate software can be found on the Download tab of any EBL eBook. Or click here to download Adobe Digital Editions for FREE.

You can download EBL eBooks for one day. Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions apply. You can transfer the eBook to an e-reader provided you first 'authorise' the device in Adobe Digital Editions.


Copying and printing

To be able to copy text from a page of an EBL eBook, you need to click on the Copy button. This will allow you to copy any text on the selected page. Printing operates in the same way. You can copy from or print as many pages of an eBook as there are credits available. The number of credits varies from book to book: EBL allows users to print up to 20% and copy up to 5% of a book, but this decreases with any downloads you make. 

The number of credits remaining is given under the Details tab of the side-menu.