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Reading List Support Material: Getting Started

To ensure that materials required in trimester 1 are available for the start of the academic year, book orders and digitization requests should reach the Library by Monday 5th August 2019 via the appropriate online reading list If you have any questions please email

Training Sessions

If you would like some training, please email:


Welcome to the support pages for ReadingLists@Hull

Please use the tabs along the top for information on how to add different types of material to your reading list.

Using ReadingLists@Hull for the first time?

You can sign into the system using your campus username and password. To edit your reading list(s) a separate set of permissions are required. To activate these permissions please send an email to the address below with the details of the module(s) you would like access to. We will endeavour to activate permission the same day (Monday to Friday).

You will also need to install the Bookmarklet tool - please see instructions to the right of this page on Adding the bookmarklet tool.

Can't find your module's reading list on ReadingLists@Hull?

The majority, but not all, reading lists are available via ReadingLists@Hull. If you can't find your module's reading list please send an email to

Requests for teaching materials and digitization must be made via ReadingLists@Hull, please see the links below for further information:

Ordering Items 

Digitisation Requests

Additional Information

You may also find these support documents useful:


If you would like to send your feedback to the Library, please complete a Library Feedback form

Adding the bookmarklet tool

Once you have requested access to the system you will need to install the bookmarklet tool which will enable you to add materials to your reading lists. This is covered in the training sessions but if you wish to add this yourself please see the instructions below. Once added you will see this in your toolbar:

  which you can then rename as

Levels of importance

The level of importance assigned to a books helps the Library determine how many copies to buy. Therefore, it is essential that you use them.

There are three levels of importance:

Essential These resources are key to the module. Students need to use them to support their understanding of the topics and themes covered by the module. Tutors with large student cohorts may wish to identify a number of different essential resources which provide equivalent reading in order to distribute demand on those resources. Further guidance notes should make that intent clear to students. Essential resources should also be available from the library.

Recommended These are supplementary resources which expand on the topics and themes found in the “Suggested for purchase” or “Essential” reading material. Recommended resources should also be available from the library.

Background Students with a desire to research the topic more fully may wish to consult these resources but will not need to do so to pass the module. These resources will normally be available in the library. In some cases items will not be available in the library and academic departments will be responsible for providing guidance to the student one how to obtain access through other routes


Your reading lists contain direct links to the catalogue records of the books you need, and to the full texts of ebooks and journal articles. Search for your modules here: