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Copyright: Photocopying University of Hull theses

Copyright legislation and licences relating to academic practice.

Photocopying University of Hull Theses

Theses are not covered by the Copyright Licensing Agency comprehensive licence as they are, in the main, unpublished works.   Therefore copying restrictions fall solely within the remit of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended).   Under the act, the copying of unpublished works is subject to “fair dealing”.

Fair dealing is a defence for copying and in this sense “fair” would be judged by a court of law.  Staff and students should consider whether or not the amount of material they wish to copy from a thesis could be considered to prejudice the interests of the rights holder.

Under these circumstances the library has decided that copying of theses shall not exceed either 1 chapter or 5% of the whole thesis to protect the interests of the author.  In addition, all users are required to adhere to the following conditions regarding the borrowing and subsequent use of University of Hull theses:

• To undertake not to publish either the whole or any part of the thesis. 

• To only use the thesis for non-commercial research or private study. 

• That any quotations taken from the thesis will be properly acknowledged.

• That to the best of the user’s knowledge the thesis has not been published before being deposited in the Brynmor Jones Library and the copyright holder has not prohibited copying.

• To allow nobody else to use the thesis while it is issued to them.

Theses issued to borrowers in the library are only available for consultation within the library building.

Theses from other UK institutions may be available digitally from the British Library ethos service.



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