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Copyright: Photocopying newspapers

Copyright legislation and licences relating to academic practice.

Photocopying newspapers

Newspapers are not covered by the Copyright Licencing Agency HE comprehensive licence and are therefore classed as literary works within the remit of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended). 

The paper copying of newspapers, beyond the limits of fair dealing for the purposes of private study or non-commercial research is covered by the terms and conditions of the University’s licence with the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) which enables members of the University of Hull to:

• Make photocopies as part of a press cuttings distribution service from NLA newspapers
• Fax cuttings taken from NLA newspapers
• Include photocopies of cuttings for inclusion in study packs
• Project cuttings taken from NLA newspapers
• Digitally scan cuttings or receive cuttings from a press cuttings agency*

All copies made under the NLA licence must include the following notice:
“NLA Licenced Copy. No further copies may be made except under licence”.

*NLA newspaper cuttings must be permanently deleted from digital systems within 7 days of scanning.  Digital copies of NLA newspaper cuttings from a press cuttings agency must be deleted within 7 days of receipt.

It does not cover
• The copying and circulation of cuttings from NLA newspapers outside University premises
• The copying of photographs, illustrations or advertisements which appear in NLA newspapers
• The systematic photocopying or fax copying of more than 250 copies of any one cutting taken from any one issue of a newspaper.

Please note that the NLA licence covers the copying of the text of articles only.  It does not copy photographs or illustrations within the article.  It also does not cover any advertisements which may appear alongside the article.

For details of the UK national newspapers covered by the basic licence and those excluded from the NLA licence please see