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Copyright: Photocopying Maps

Copyright legislation and licences relating to academic practice.

Photocopying Maps

Maps are not covered by the Copyright Licensing Agency Comprehensive licence and are therefore classed as artistic works within the remit of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended).   In addition, under Crown copyright, maps are protected for 50 years from the date of publication. 

The paper copying of maps for the purposes of private study or non-commercial research is covered by the terms and conditions of the University’s licence with the Ordnance Survey, which enables members of the University of Hull to:

• Make copies of Ordnance Survey material for teaching and/or educational purposes only
• Use 10 x 200cm2 bitmap images on the University web site
• Use digital map data for teaching and/or educational purposes only

It does not cover:
• Any work intended for sale or distribution to the public or any outside organisation
• The transfer of Ordnance Survey material onto computer media for other purposes
• Digitising and scanning Ordnance Survey maps

All copies must be acknowledged with the following statement:

"Reproduced from the [Year of Publication]. Ordnance Survey [The name and scale of the map; for example, Landranger 1:50 000 scale] map with permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, Crown Copyright [The copier's name and address]. "

 For further details please see the Ordnance Survey’s copyright for education webpages.

Digital mapping and Digimap

Digimap logo

The University provides access to Ordnance Survey map data digitally via Digimap.  This data will be available to download or use electronically for educational purposes. Further details about Digimap can be found on the Edina website or by contacting by email.

CC License