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Copyright: Multimedia lending and use

Copyright legislation and licences relating to academic practice.

Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence

The ERA licence enables University staff only to make copies of television broadcasts which can then be provided to students to support teaching and learning.  

All programmes recorded under the ERA licence must be clearly labelled as such.  These labels are available from the Brynmor Jones Library.  

Further information regarding the recording of broadcasts under the ERA licence can be obtained via the ERA website.

Please note that the ERA licence does not cover the copying of Open University programmes.  Copying of these is covered by a separate licence which is not  held by the University.

Lending and use of Multimedia items

The library provides multimedia items; CD-ROMS, music CDs, video casettes and DVDs for borrowers to support teaching, learning and research.  Under Statutory Instrument No. 2967, The Copyright and Related Rights Regulations 1996, academic libraries are permitted to lend all works regardless of format.  This includes the lending of multimedia items providing no charge is made to borrowers for the items.

CD-Roms and Music CDs

CD-ROMs and Music CDs
CD-ROMs and music CDs may be borrowed for private study or non-commercial research by individual borrowers.  Please note that both formats are subject to the same copyright and piracy legislation as commercially bought CD-ROMs and music CDs and therefore should not be copied or downloaded for use beyond the loan period.

CD-ROMs within books
The library has sought permission from the majority of the major publishers of academic books within the UK and the USA to lend the CD-ROMs that accompany textbooks.  These CD-ROMs may be used for private study or non-commercial research in-conjunction with the book.  Copying or downloading any part of the CD-ROM to use beyond the loan period is prohibited.

Videos and DVDs

The library provides videos of films and television programmes which have either been recorded under the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence or purchased from commercial distributors.

Under statutory instrument No. 2967 the University library is able to lend commercially produced video cassettes and video tapes recorded under the ERA licence free of charge.  Please note that these tapes are loaned for educational purposes and are subject to the same copyright and piracy legislation as videos rented commercially.

CC License